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Kern Singh, M.D.

Trusted Leader in Minimally Invasive and Endoscopic Outpatient Spine Surgery

Dr. Singh has dedicated his career to pioneering minimally invasive, outpatient spine surgery. He is the Co-Director of the Minimally Invasive Spine Institute at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL.

Patients from all over the U.S. and the world choose Dr. Singh for his cutting edge use of minimally invasive, outpatient surgical approaches. Dr. Singh is also an award-winning researcher, having published his findings in numerous major medical journals. His work most recently won awards at the North American Spine Society (NASS) and Society of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (SMISS) annual meetings in 2013. Additionally, Dr. Singh has recently been appointed at the chairman of the spine committee for the 2017-2020 annual meetings of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Dr. Singh was also appointed Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Rush University Medical Center in January 2017.

An easier way to end back pain.

  • shorter operation, small incision
  • easier on your body
  • less healing time
  • no cutting of back muscles, tendons or ligaments
  • less blood loss during surgery
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery involves the use of smaller incisions that minimize damage to the surrounding muscles and ligaments of the spine. Dr. Singh has successfully performed thousands of minimally invasive back surgeries ranging from discectomies for disc herniations, decompressions for stenosis and fusions for spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease and scoliosis. Hear from patients like you.

    If you’ve had any recent diagnostic tests, why not put them to good use? This tool enables you to easily and securely send us those results, where they will be reviewed by a certified orthopedic specialist. If you need a diagnosis, a second opinion, or a treatment recommendation, let’s discuss your next step.


    First performed in the 1980s, minimally invasive spinal surgery (MIS) was introduced to offer patients less disruptive and less painful surgical solutions for many spinal disorders. The field continues to make rapid advances and allows Dr. Singh to be among the Midwest’s most experienced spine surgeon to treat an ever-evolving list of spinal disorders.


    During your consultation, Dr. Kern Singh, M.D. will explore all of your options from new medications and outpatient therapy to options for surgical intervention. You are encouraged to ask questions and openly discuss medical concerns because we know the power that honest answers can have in bringing confidence and clarity when you are faced with important decisions. Your role as an active participant in the decision making process marks your first step towards relief and peace of mind.

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    Schedule an online Appointment, if you do not see a time that is convenient for you, please call us at (312) 432-2373.

    If you need help scheduling an appointment, please call the number above and a member of our team will assist you.

    Internationally recognized spine care

    Dr. Kern Singh and his practice are leaders in minimally invasive spine surgery dedicated to helping restore each patients quality of life. With over 4,000 minimally invasive procedures performed, Dr. Singh is one of the most experienced spine surgeons in the world.

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    Whether your goal is to get back to sports, work, hobbies or just enjoying life, Dr. Singh can help.

    Rush orthopedics program ranked No. 5 in Nation, No. 1 in IIllinois.

    The orthopedics program at Rush is ranked No. 1 in Illinois and No. 5 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, with internationally respected orthopedic surgeons whose research discoveries and innovative treatment approaches are helping patients at Rush — and around the globe.

    MIS Techniques

    Traditional orthopedic surgical procedures can require long periods of recuperation, and result in unsightly scaring. Dr. Kern Singh, M.D. employs the most advanced and minimally invasive back surgery techniques while treating your pain allowing you to recuperate from your treatment faster with less scarring or bruising.

    Endoscopic Spine Surgery

    Endoscopic spine surgery (ESS) is a state-of-the-art surgery that uses a small tubular system with a pen-tip sized incision assisted with an endoscope for visualization. This surgery provides patients with an even quicker recovery and less pain than traditional spine surgery than even minimally invasive tubular spine surgery (MIS).


    “Dr. Singh and his team changed my life. I wanted to avoid surgery and took all of the usual steps to do so. When it came to pass that there was no way to avoid it any longer, I visited Dr. Singh. He was reassuring, thorough and patient while being very no-nonsense and straightforward. The surgery was extensive and executed flawlessly. I am walking without pain for the first time in two years and feel incredibly grateful for the work that they did. I have some strengthening to do, but overall, I couldn't be happier!

    October 30, 2015
    “Thanks for taking care of my back! I'm back to work and am pain free...

    January 29, 2016

    July 24, 2015
    “Just played 18 holes yesterday. Had my disc shaved down 1 month ago! havent told dr. singh yet. but I feel great!
    “I met with Dr. singh and his Team. The first time I met with his Physician assistants as I didnt have an MRI. Megan was very helpful and informative. AFter i obtained my MRI Dr singh went over the findings and told me i did not need surgery or injections! I started Physical therapy last month and am feeling better. How many surgeons do you know that will evaluate you and not just offer you surgery? GO SEE DR. SINGH!

    July 27, 2015

    April 28, 2015
    “Dr. Singh ended 12 years of painful sciatica with a minimally invasive surgery. Everyone at Rush, especially PA Chris McGee, was terrific. They gave me my life back. Highest Recommendation!
    “I am six months post cervical diskectomy and fusion and feel like a new woman thanks to Dr. Singh. After 9 years of shoulder, arm and hand pain, I am 95% pain free and slight pain occurs after exercise, but I can feel myself getting stronger. Dr Singh is an amazing surgeon, has a great personality and spends as much time as needed at appointments. And appointments have always been punctual! His staff is awesome and believe me you will be impressed.

    July 09, 2015

    April 22, 2015
    “6 months from my lumbar fusion and i feel great. four years of vicodin and I am finally off pain meds. dr singh thanks for giving me my life back!
    “Dr. Kern Sing was knowledgable, polite, and showed a definite willingness to listen to our questions both before and after surgery. Too, he promptly responded to our remarks via email. We have already recommended him to others. Lucy M. Pirages

    July 19, 2013

    April 17, 2015
    “I was told I needed a spinal stimulator. I found dr singh and he fixed me with an outpatient laminectomy!!!
    “Dr. Singh is an amazing doctor. I would highly recommend him and his staff. He got my active life style back on track! Everything that he said would happen did exactly as he described there were no surprises. I had surgery on a Friday and was completely off of pain medication in 2 days. He is great!

    June 15, 2015
    “I had my surgery on my neck (same as peyton manning). I left the same day! had it done in a surgery center. My arm and neck have never felt better

    April 25, 2015

    March 13, 2015
    “Just played 18 holes of golf! Had a neck fusion and I feel great. IT was outpatient. One year anniversary today. Took one motrin! Before I couldnt even swing a club!
    “Ive been itching to golf since my surgery with Dr. singh. I had my minimally invasive fusion 5 months ago and I feel great. I had a slipped disc and stenosis. Honestly, ive been swinging the golf club for a while now (but dr singh doesnt know it!). Go see him... you will never feel better!

    May 11, 2015

    February 13, 2015
    “I am another patient from florida. I flew in after being told i needed surgery at the Laser spine institute. I had my outpatient surgery and I am back to golfing 3 months later. Dr singh and his staff were excellent!
    “My back hasn’t felt this good in over eleven years. All my radiating leg pain is gone. Walking & standing is no longer a challenge of pain management & looking for a place to sit & recover. Dr. Singh was very professional throughout the entire process while putting a lot of my surgery anxieties to ease. I have been extremely pleased with my outcome to date.

    February 15, 2015
    “I had my disk shaved down and was home the same day! my leg pain is gone but my back is still sore. cante wait to start therapy!

    February 21, 2015
    “I cannot be more pleased with the care and professionalism from Dr. Singh and his staff. Absolutely tremendous experience. Best of all the results have been phenomenal from microdiscectomy at L4/5 and fusion at L5/S1. I highly recommend Dr. Singh and his staff.

    June 08, 2015
    “I had my surgery done in the surgery center. i couldnt walk or stand. I hurt my back playing basketball... I just saw dr singh for my first post surgery vist and I feel great! jsut a little back pain and NO leg pain.

    Aprin 27, 2015
    “Flew in from Floria for my outpatient neck surgery. AMazing experience. Dr singh and Staff were amazing. Rush was also exceptional. Brand new state of the art hospital.

    December 13, 2014
    “Dr. singh fixed my back... i had two surgeries down in iowa. I never healed adn my screws were loose. Dr singh fixed my back and now i feel great. I just saw him and his team for my 1 year anniversary. thank you!

    April 29, 2015