Conditions and Treatments

Prepare for your Appointment

Having the right information ensures that we have everything necessary to identify, understand and treat your spinal condition, there we ask that you bring the below items:

  • Government Issued photo identity
  • Insurance Identity cards
  • Completed Patient Registration Form (Click here to view and print)
  • All Radiology Studies Pertaining to your Case Along with the report, please bring the CD or actual films
    • X-Rays
    • MRI Scans
    • CT Scans
  • Prior Medical Reports
    • Operative and Radiology Reports
    • Injection Histories
    • EMG and Nerve Conduction Results
    • Consultations from Other and/or Referring Physicians
  • Information of ALL Physicians Involved in Your Care (Including your PCP)
    • First and Last Name
    • Contact Telephone Number
    • Address
  • List of Questions and Concerns

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